Your Beliefs Are the Energy Creating Your Life

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Adele Tartaglia, Avatar Master-Wizard
The Universe is within each of us, whatever vibratory rate we send to the Universe, internally and externally, is the quality of the life we experience. The miracle is not that there is life within the Universe; the miracle is that there is a universe within the life within us which is quantumly entangled with the Universe and constantly communicating with it. Prior to and behind everything is definitionless awareness; pure beingness and this is who we are, source being creating it all made in the image of the Creator, the Uncaused Cause.

There is only information and energy particles which is the energy field generated by our three levels of consciousness, conscious mind intentions, subconscious mind programs triggering automatically and controlling our lives, and the field in which they exist, our vibrational mind. Aligning the intentions and the energy of the information contained in the beliefs of these three levels, produces whichever level of consciousness, negative or positive, your subconscious mind holds predominately, and thus plays out in your life.

Your life is a reflection of your beliefs…Changing your beliefs….Changes your life!

Life Management is about Belief Management. Beliefs are the energy creating your life.

Bernie Sanders’ CIVIL RIGHTS RECORD BEATS Hillary Hands Down

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Bernie Sanders’ CIVIL RIGHTS RECORD BEATS Hillary Hands Down

Are the Clintons Republicans?  Here’s what the Clintons did  NOT FOR… BUT TO CIVIL RIGHTS:

“With REPUBLICAN support………he passed a SWEEPING WELFARE-REFORM BILL IN 1996 …”
“Despite the human costs of welfare reform, Bill Clinton is STILL BRAGGING ABOUT KNOCKING PEOPLE OFF WELFARE……fulfilling his campaign promise to “END WELFARE AS WE HAVE COME TO KNOW IT.”

Hillary has neither repudiated nor disavowed the 1996 CLINTON WELFARE LEGISLATION, WHICH HAS BEEN A CATASTROPHE FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY. HILLARY CLINTON called it a success”


“Former Clinton Aide: Hillary Clinton IS the War on Women”

“Kathleen Willey: ‘ Hillary is the war on women’ -…”…volunteer-hillary-is-the-war-on-women Feb 15, 2014 · WND EXCLUSIVE Kathleen Willey: ‘Hillary is the … “Hillary Clinton is the war on women,”

“The Clintons’ War on Women by Roger Stone…
This stunning exposé reveals for the first time how Bill and Hillary Clinton systematically abused women … “




[Sanders has a 50-YEAR HISTORY of ACTUAL CIVIL RIGHTS ACTION, standing up for civil and minority rights, Achieving High Ratings From Leading Civil Rights Organizations, Endorsed by Former NAACP Head 2016, Jesse Jackson, marched on Washington with Martin Luther King, Detailed Plan to end minority economic crisis, traveled world-wide to stop inhumane treatment, work discrimination, racial inequality, voter’s rights suppression, Gay inequality, immigrants, was arrested protesting desegregation, advocated prison reform, standing up for Latino victims, Palestinians, and on and on.]

Being Arrested For Desegregation: As a student at the University of Chicago, Sanders was active in both the Congress on Racial Equality (CORE) and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). In 1962, he was arrested for protesting segregation in public schools in Chicago

Strongly Condemned Police Violence Over the Past Year:…he has repeatedly condemned police violence during the duration of the Black Lives Matter movement. Here he is in mid-August 2014, before Clinton spoke ever about the issue. Here (8/20/14) are (8/24/14) a (8/18/14) few (6/6/2015) more (4/30/2015) examples (6/2015).

Embraced Immigrants When Hillary Clinton Refused To Talk To Them:

Defended Voting Rights Against Voter Suppression Efforts: Sanders earned the endorsement of radical rapper Killer Mike by his leadership on defending the Voter Rights Act and calling for expanding voting rights.

Fought Against Employment Discrimination: Sanders was a strong supporter of legislation to end workplace discrimination against LGBT Americans.

Called For End to War On Drugs, For-Profit Prisons and Migrant Detention Quotas:

Put Out Detailed Plan to End Economic Crisis in Minority Communities:  his events in Phoenix, Houston and Dallas, where he loudly condemned police brutality and racism

Raising Money For Korean Orphans: International solidarity

Calling For Full Gay Equality: 40 years ago, Sanders started his political life by running with a radical third party in Vermont called the Liberty Union Party. As a part of the platform, he called for abolishing all laws related to discrimination against homosexuality.

Standing Up For Victims Of U.S. Imperialism In Latin America: While mayor of Burlington, Vermont, Sanders formally protested the Reagan government’s policy of sending arms to Central America to repress left-wing movements. In 1985, he traveled to Nicaragua to condemn the war on people there. He writes about it in his book Outsider In The House:

Condemned And Opposed Welfare Reform and Dog Whistle Politics: While President Bill Clinton and most Democrats in Congress supported so-called welfare reform politics, Sanders not only voted against this policy change, but wrote eloquently against the dog whistle politics used to sell it, saying, “The crown jewel of the Republican agenda is their so-called welfare reform proposal. The bill, which combines an assault on the poor, women and children, minorities, and immigrants is the grand slam of scapegoating legislation, and appeals to the frustrations and ignorance of the American people along a wide spectrum of prejudices.”

Vocally Condemned and Opposed Death Penalty and Prisons His Entire Political Career:

Voted Against Cutting Off Prisoners From Federal Education Funds: In the 1990s, there was a successful effort to end the Pell Grant program for prisoners,

Took  IMF To Task For Oppressing Developing World Workers: In a 1998 committee hearing, Sanders took Clinton administration official Robert Rubin to task for not enforcing a provision to protect the rights of workers in Indonesia. “Tell the world now that no more IMF money goes to that country, goes to [dictator] Suharto!” he thundered to Rubin, who later went on to be the chief architect of policies that led us to the Great Recession.

Achieved High Ratings From Leading Civil Rights Organizations: A frequent critique of Sanders is that he is from a very white state. While this is true, he certainly has not ignored issues that matter to people of color. In 2002, he achieved a 93 percent rating from the ACLU and a 97% rating by the NAACP in 2006.

Opposed Both Iraq Wars on Moral Grounds

Endorsed Jesse Jackson, Spoke Up For Palestinians: In 1988, Jesse Jackson was the first competitive black candidate for the Democratic nomination for the presidency. He came under fierce attack for his advocacy of Palestinian statehood. Sanders came to his aid, organizing Vermonters and winning the state for Jackson.


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New Year’s Thoughts 2015

 Each of our souls was created by the Oversoul for a special reason and a particular purpose. When The Creator breathed the breath of life into each of us, He imbued us with the Holy Spirit’s guiding Light for our sojourn here. Spirit passes us by each moment whispering a nugget of wisdom. If we were only to stop the infinite “doing,” take a breath…and listen to His guidance, how much happier and peaceful we would be and thus the world we inhabit.

Spirit’s intention was the diffusion of His Spiritual Essence throughout the sentient universe. As fields in the Field of Pure Potentiality, it is our privilege and our divine calling, as part of All That Is, to create Heaven on Earth by spreading the gifts of giving constant compassion, limitless love, and purposeful peace among all the souls on earth.

Made in the Image….He chose us humans, individually and collectively, among all His creatures, to create the ideal atmosphere for the completing of this Mission. If we stray off our path or get our priorities confused, we know deep within our souls we have all the answers and the grace to complete the journey for all are needed to bring His Divine Plan into fruition.

The Great Father Mother God has provided for these times of transition. To restore our clarity of purpose by freeing ourselves from the weight of our harmful programming sufficiently that we may be enabled to contribute to this state of divine right order on earth, He has seen to it that profoundly simple modalities are available to return us to our authentic Soul Self before the programming.

As we rise to the Occasion of Our Lives, we begin to exude that pure state
…..where our divine nature, compassion, merges with Spirit’s grace of compassion,
…..where our divine essence, love, merges with the unconditional love of the Heart of God within us,
…..where our soul’s essence, peace, merges with the spirit of the Dove of Peace….

When the Master said to us….”…You are Gods”….I believe He meant We Are the Light for each other that leads the way out of the darkness and into the unity consciousness that actualizes the quantum entanglement of Unconditional Love….
one for another….as we dwell in the Mystical Body ineffably bound together through the Spirit of Love.
It is in this way that He lives in us, through us, and as us. To open these channels….repeat to yourself as often as needed…..Light I Am…..Light I Am……Light I Am…..Light I Am….

It’s All About Love, Adele Tartaglia, Books2ChangeYourLilfe Publishing,1991



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Non Profit Foundations

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Non-Profit Foundations

 Church Ministries are Organized under Alliance of Divine Love, Inc. Chapel 573
All donations are 100% tax deductible and will be gratefully appreciated.

Therapists for Veterans:  A PTSD Cognitive Deletion Approach to Healing American Veterans.

Restoring Dignity to Inmates:  Restoring Hope and Bringing Self Understanding and Self Acceptance to the Incarcerated.

Bloom Where You Are Planted: A Child’s Outreach Program teaching children about their Authentic Self, their Creative Nature, and how to live in an Intentionally harmonious,  beneficent life. Supported by the Molly McGee books, CD’s, and toy line.

Homes for Americans:  Returning homes to the foreclosed through a lease buy back program with minimum monthly payments on a 5 year program.

Self Empowerment

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Self Determinism

Adele Tartaglia, Avatar Master-Wizard

 The miracle is not that there is life within the universe; the miracle is that there is a universe within the life within us.

Prior to and behind everything is definitionless awareness; pure beingness and this is who we are.

The miracle is not that consciousness evolved out of the universe; the miracle is that the universe evolved out of consciousness.

The creation of a self-defining belief, “I am,” is the beginning of the duality of…”self and the world.”

The miracle is not that the here/now contains a you; the miracle is that you contain the here/now.

Denial of responsibility for the primary defining belief “I am” results in the entrapment called identity.

The self that we experience ourselves to be exists as a definition created by our beliefs. We exist as the beliefs we believe ourselves to be.

The minimum equation for any individual is: awareness plus definition equals an identity, an I am.

A self is an idea that awareness is availing itself of for the purpose of experiencing certain  other ideas.  It’s the bubble you view other bubbles from.

Awareness without definition, beliefs about self, does not experience separation between what is experienced and what experiences.

Recovery of responsibility for the primary defining belief “I AM” results in definitionless awareness and freedom.

We define ourselves by the type of beliefs we create about ourselves.

Certainty determines the reality of a creation and causes manifestation.

Free will is found in the fact that creations can be changed by their creator, you.

New viewpoints change viewpoints and results in new experiences.

What we experience is a reflection of what we believe.  Reality consists of the experiences we believe are real.

What we believe will determine our experience…..even if we belief it won’t. 

What is real may or may not be the same for everyone.  Belief is the determining factor of reality.

To make something real requires that we believe in it. For it to be real for others, they must also believe in it.  Individuals sharing the same belief, form a collective consciousness which creates the experience of a shared reality such as the physical universe. 

Those things which the collective consciousness believes cannot be changed will be immutable reality for any individual who chooses to share in that view of reality.

The honest or dishonesty we perceive in the world is in us.

Sometimes to avoid or lessen our sense of guilt when we are dishonest, we create the identities of others who deserve to be cheated, swindled, robbed, lied to, deceived, sued or defrauded in some way.

Then by denial of responsibility for these creations we reinforce the illusion that these identities and the qualities they represent are real and exist separately and independently outside our control.

The illusion that our secrets are secret and that we are deceiving another slows our recovery of the infinite creative power that defines all beings.

When we deny our creations, we pass negative judgments and our worlds are filled with creatures deserving disgust and events which seem out of our influence. Our lives go out of control and become subject to fortune and fate and the ember of divinity that we are, begins to cool.

When we drop the pretense of who we are what we are, we can become more honest with ourselves and with others which is an honorable goal.

The product of dishonesty is separation, estrangement from the consciousness of other beings; disconnection and separation.

Ultimately all dishonesty is only self-deception.

I recognize my own self deception and the loss of integrity.

When I find errors in others, I have failed to correct myself.

When I act to persuade another, I question my intentions.

When I experience struggle, I have denied my own responsibility.

When I feel separate and alone, I have failed to forgive.

When events repeat themselves, I haven’t learned the lesson.

Just like me, everyone else is just trying to find happiness.

Reality is a reflection of what we believe is real.

What a person really believes may not be the same as what he thinks he believes.

Blame is an escape from responsibility and giving away of power.

Avoidance makes an issue the number one priority in your mind.

Until you take charge of your internal reality structure, you keep re-experiencing what you are trying to avoid.

Understanding that one creates his own reality, we learn to experience it as devoutly and respectfully as any blessing bestowed by the infinite creator.

When we perceive that the only difference between us is our beliefs, and that beliefs can be created or discreated with ease, the right and wrong game will wind down, a co-create game will unfold and world peace will ensue.

 From the Avatar materials, Harry Palmer 1987