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New Year’s Thoughts 2015

Each of our souls was created deliberately by God out of His infinite love for us. There was a special calling, a mission particularly suited to our unique nature and gifts. We were born with a deep longing to make a difference through our own particular purpose.

When The Creator breathed the breath of life into each of us, He imbued us with the Holy Spirit’s guiding Light for our sojourn here. Spirit passes us by each moment whispering a nugget of wisdom.

If we were only to stop our infinite “doing,” our infinite “thinking,” and breathe into our own authentic soul self, we would tune in to Spirit’s divine guidance. How much happier, loving, and peaceful we would be and thus, the world we inhabit.

Spirit’s intention was the diffusion of His Spiritual Essence throughout the sentient universe. As fields in the Field of Pure Potentiality, it is our privilege and our divine calling, as part of All That Is, to create Heaven on Earth by spreading the gifts of giving constant compassion, limitless love, and purposeful peace among all the souls on earth.

Made in the Image….He chose we humans, individually and collectively, among all His creatures, to create the ideal atmosphere for the completing of this Mission. If we stray off our path or get our priorities confused, we know deep within our souls we have all the answers and the grace to complete the journey for all are needed to bring His Divine Plan into fruition.

God has provided for these times of transition. To restore our clarity of purpose by freeing ourselves from the weight of our harmful programming sufficiently that we may be enabled to contribute to this state of divine right order on earth, He has seen to it that profoundly simple modalities are available to return us to our authentic Soul Self before the programming.

As we rise to the Occasion of Our Lives, we begin to exude that pure state
…..where our divine nature, compassion, merges with Spirit’s grace of compassion,
…..where our divine essence, love, merges with the unconditional love of the Heart of God within us,
…..where our soul’s essence, peace, merges with the spirit of the Dove of Peace….

When the Master said to us….”…You are Gods”….I believe He meant We Are the Light for each other that leads the way out of the darkness and into the unity consciousness that actualizes the quantum entanglement of Unconditional Love….
one for another….as we dwell in the Mystical Body ineffably bound together through the Spirit of Love.

It is in this way that He lives in us, through us, and as us. To open these channels….repeat to yourself as often as needed…..Light I Am…..Light I Am……Light I Am…..Light I Am….

It’s All About Love, Adele Tartaglia, Books2ChangeYourLilfe Publishing,1991

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