Your Beliefs Are the Energy Creating Your Life

August 13th, 2019 Posted in Uncategorized

Adele Tartaglia, Avatar Master-Wizard
The Universe is within each of us, whatever vibratory rate we send to the Universe, internally and externally, is the quality of the life we experience. The miracle is not that there is life within the Universe; the miracle is that there is a universe within the life within us which is quantumly entangled with the Universe and constantly communicating with it. Prior to and behind everything is definitionless awareness; pure beingness and this is who we are, source being creating it all made in the image of the Creator, the Uncaused Cause.

There is only information and energy particles which is the energy field generated by our three levels of consciousness, conscious mind intentions, subconscious mind programs triggering automatically and controlling our lives, and the field in which they exist, our vibrational mind. Aligning the intentions and the energy of the information contained in the beliefs of these three levels, produces whichever level of consciousness, negative or positive, your subconscious mind holds predominately, and thus plays out in your life.

Your life is a reflection of your beliefs…Changing your beliefs….Changes your life!

Life Management is about Belief Management. Beliefs are the energy creating your life.

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